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Peak Indicators

At Peak Indicators we  ensure that our clients are successful in deploying Business Analytics solutions, and we are well versed in providing secure, high availability and responsive environments.

Our services include: 

  • Analytics – understanding the past, managing the present and predicting the future.
  • Managed Services – tailored managed services thus allowing customers to focus on core business priorities.
  • Analytics Modernisation – transforming legacy reporting investments into modern, unified analytics platforms.
  • Data Governance – ensuring data is accurate, reliable, compliant and secure
  • Training – providing end-user training for analytics users.

Our clients include Go Outdoors, John Lewis, Inmarsat and Virgin Media along with some large banking organisations. 

We work closely with clients, enabling them to become an analytics driven enterprise.  Our primary focus being to implement a Business Analytics platform that addresses your business needs.

At  our Chesterfield based Hub we have full managed services capability. We also have around 50 full time professionals dedicated to implementing analytics solutions.